Exercise Your Virtuous Self Control

If You Want To Live Your Highest Values And Realize Your Most Important Goals.

Hey there. I'm Korey Samuelson

I've been helping people with their health and fitness goals since 2012. That's still a big part of what I do but it's evolved into something much more impactful.

Here's the thing: it's not the body you're training when you exercise, it's the mind. I became The Cognitive Strength Trainer when I understood that real strength is an act of will.

With a consistent exercise practice you will become fitter and healthier. More importantly, you'll train yourself to make the excellent choice in the moment, whatever your circumstances. That's when your whole life will change.

The Big Idea

Exercise Is The Fundamental Self Improvement Practice

It's the ideal context in which to learn the principles, skills, and systems of virtuous self control.

If you lack self control any opportunity or helpful information is almost useless. But, operate with self control, and any circumstance becomes material you can use to realize the experiences you want to live.

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