My name is Korey Samuelson. Pleased to meet you. I started Stoic Strength with one purpose in mind--to help people develop their mental strength so they can choose to operate with excellence when it counts.

The challenges we face in life are mental challenges. Even when our obstacles are decidedly physical it's our mental strength and resilience that can make mountains into molehills. When we are mentally stronger life becomes easier.

My Particulars

On the physical strength training side:

Certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE); earned a Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma through Elevated Learning Academy.

On the mental strength training side:

Earned a Behaviour Change Specialist designation (also through ACE); certified Brain Health Trainer through the Functional Aging Institute; certified as a Virtual Coach through Eben Pagan Training.

My Values

Health and fitness are two of my most important values. I have an enthusiasm for the behaviours that result in a fit, healthy body. I love the discipline, the daily effort, the striving to make ever better choices. And there are important life principles to be learned from a consistent exercise practice.

I also like simplicity. You can probably tell from this website. No bells or whistles.

Just the simple, obvious, direct line to being the person you want to be, creating the life you want to live, and embodying the virtues you want to exemplify.

Virtue and Success

Virtue (excellence of character) is the goal of the Stoic Strength Operator. Virtues are values enacted.

Now, health, fitness, and a happy life are not simply a matter of choice. We do not control our bodies the way we control our choices. So, although we value health and fitness, understand that we can't just choose to be healthy and fit. There is a process involved, actions to be taken. What is in our power is to choose to enact the behaviours that are proven to produce the results we prefer.

Here's the interesting thing: Virtue does ensure success. Not through the achievement of one's values as a certainty. Events unfold as they may. Instead, for the Stoic Strength Operator, success is the result of operating with excellence in the moment of choice.

This depends only on knowing one's values and choosing to act consistently with those values (i.e. choosing virtue). That is exclusively and directly within one's power. And that's the absolute best anyone can do. Operating with excellence in the moment of choice is success!

I'm stoked you're here. Thanks for checking out the site.